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“As a senior manager at companies from pre-IPO through a billion dollars in revenue, Barcus Associates has been my first-choice recruiting arm for revenue related roles since the mid-eighties. I have subsequently re-hired a number of BA candidates at successive companies throughout my career because they consistently make strong contributions to the income stream.” Donald Steele, Acxiom Corporation, Little Rock, AR.

“Barcus Associates has always had the strongest network of contacts I’ve seen within our industry. They have consistently provided me with "top-notch" sales performers at every company I have been associated with for going on 20 years now.” Frank Marlow VP Sales, West ACI Worldwide

“I've enjoyed working with you and your associates for over 20 years. The biggest benefits of working with Barcus and Associates boils down to three factors, 1) you understand my needs before you take an assignment (unlike others I have never met who call and tell me the have the perfect person for me and then ask what our company sells!), 2) you prescreen all candidates so you don't waste my time and 3) I've had very good luck with the candidates that I've hired through your organization. It is nice to know a group of dedicated individuals that can find qualified candidates for openings, not just send bodies that won't work out.” Phillip C. Yarbrough, Sterling Software

“I've personally worked with Barcus and Associates for my company's sales resource needs for nearly 15 years. Now, in addition, our Human Resource Department works with BA on nearly all our open positions, across the corporation. We've found BA to be easy to work with, thorough in their screening process and adept in finding quality Associates. I have search firms contact me on a weekly basis and I continue to tell them that we are very satisfied with our BA relationship, and see no need to partner with another organization." Mark Pitman, Executive Vice President (and Shareholder), Wausau Financial Systems, Inc

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